Adult Program

At the core of the shelter’s mission is our individualized and integrated Case Management system.

Every person who walks through our front door brings unique experiences, unique gifts, and unique challenges.

Case Managers and guests work hand-in-hand with the Employment and Housing Programs.

Upon arrival, each guest meets with a Case Manager, who completes a comprehensive intake form. The intake tells us the individual’s story and allows us to formulate a “90-day plan.”

Our expectations are high but realistic. Always.

The intake gives us an understanding of the individual’s personal history, work experience, current income, family support, physical and mental illness, substance abuse, trauma, criminal record – any and all of these can be parts of the puzzle.

Different from person to person, the plan begins by addressing basic necessities over the course of the all-important first few meetings.

Does the individual have the documentation (ID, birth certificate, social security card) he or she will require? What treatments will the guest need, and which physical and/or mental health care services, including Bert Nash and Douglas County Citizens Committee on Alcoholism (DCCCA), are best suited to provide them? We know the resources, and we know how to ensure access.

Once all documentation has been obtained, the Case Manager and the Housing team help the guest, if eligible, with the Section 8 housing application process.

If the guest is able and ready to work, he or she enters the Employment Program.

If the guest is not able to work, the Case Manager assists as an advocate while the guest navigates the disability process, in collaboration, whenever possible, with the Bert Nash Benefits & Entitlements Team and other resources.

When the individual is sufficiently healthy and financially stable, attention turns to budgeting. Only when the individual is ready does the search for affordable housing begin.

Health. Accountability and responsibility. Employment. Housing. In that order. As Case Managers, we give a lot, and in turn we expect a lot. Work with us, and we will take steps forward, together.

0 ADULTS AND CHILDREN served in 2017
0 CHILDREN sheltered in 2017
0 adults found EMPLOYMENT in 2017
0 adults and children HOUSED in 2017