Loring Henderson
  • executive director

Sally Bartlett
  • supervising case manager

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  • administrative assistant

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  • development director

Elizabeth Stephens
  • family programs director

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a few words about us

Volunteers, volunteers, volunteers

The Lawrence Community Shelter relies on over a hundred volunteers of all ages, to help in many different ways: making meals, listening to guests, serving on subcommittees, etc. Read More >>

Loring Henderson, Executive Director

Loring Henderson started his career about 40 years ago in Washington, D.C., after seven years in the U.S. Navy. His resume is impressive and includes directorships at agencies including the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, the Institute for Policy Studies, the Business Executives for National Security, Americans for SALT, and the League for Latin American Citizens.

In 1993, Loring moved back to Lawrence and commuted to his job as Director of the Redemptorist Social Service Center in Kansas City. After his retirement, he began work with the Lawrence Community Shelter.

"Living in Lawrence and working in Kansas City, I didn't feel like I was giving enough to either community. This is better because I can be more invested in one place."

He's humble and it's hard to get him to explain why he began his work with the homeless back in D.C. “I just wanted to feed people who were hungry. I can't answer it any better than that. I just knew it's what I wanted to do.”

Loring, a K.U. graduate, remains extremely connected to national politics, but is weary of local politics about homelessness. "The only thing that gets frustrating is the drama about the Shelter. Not the guests. We never give up on them."

Fortunately for Lawrence, Loring knows exactly how to balance community concerns and the best interests of the guests at LCS.

- written by Carrie Shoptaw, KU Journalism Student, originally published 09-04-09 on

The Lawrence Journal-World published an article on Sunday, May 9, 2010, "The Greater Share of Honor," written by Chad Lawhorn, that delved into Loring's resume in even greater depth.
Good Morning America

Who Inspires you?

In the Spring of 2012, the "Good Morning America" anchors talked about who inspired them throughout their lives. As his inspirational person, George Stephanopoulos chose Loring Henderson, executive director of LCS.
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