Move-Out Program

Imagine this happy day: after six weeks at the shelter with her baby boy, a mother has worked hard with the Family Program Coordinator and just picked up the key to an affordable apartment, which will become her family’s new, and hopefully permanent, home! She’ll be back on her feet.

But the apartment is completely empty. No crib for the little one. No bed for mom. No couch to sit on. No dishes, no silverware to eat with. Nothing.

That’s where the Move-Out Program comes in.

If you’d like to join our mailing list and receive occasional emails from us, please sign up here. And you can also keep track of our current needs!

Our volunteer Move-Out Coordinators work hand-in-hand with Case Managers to help individuals and families make the all-important transition out of the shelter and into permanent housing.

First and foremost, the Move-Out team furnishes new homes. And we also help Case Managers and guests troubleshoot any issues that arise over the first weeks and even months of the transition.

We are always in need of furniture and household items, from beds, dressers, and tables, to cookware sets, kitchen utensils, and dishes, to vacuum cleaners, toaster ovens, and televisions! And Target gift cards are always enormously helpful.

And we are happy to pick items up at your convenience.

When an individual or family is getting ready to move out, we send emails to the Move-Out Mailing List with specific requests. These emails are infrequent (sometimes none, sometimes 1-3 / month). Please consider signing up here to receive these occasional emails!

If you’d like to make a donation or to learn more, or if you think you might be interested in serving as a volunteer Move-Out Coordinator, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with Dan!

If you have any of the following to donate, please get in touch with Dan,, and he’ll be in touch right away to arrange the pick-up.

Below, we list general, ongoing needs. But the following list is updated regularly to let you know about specific needs for individuals and families who are making the transition out of the shelter right now!

Twin beds / mattresses / box springs
Dining room / kitchen tables
Dining room / kitchen chairs
Toaster / toaster oven

General, ongoing needs:

Televisions (digital-compatible)
DVD players
Coffee makers