Family Program

Furnished with twin beds, bunk beds, bassinets, and dressers, our family wing’s semi-private spaces can accommodate up to nine families at a time.

There are separate laundry facilities and bathrooms as well as a common playroom stocked with books and toys, with access to an outdoor playground. The family wing is safe, secure, and self-contained.

Our Family Program Coordinator works hand-in-hand with each family in order to understand specific needs and overcome specific challenges. All parents attend mandatory parenting classes.

The approach is integrated and holistic.

At first, we lay the basic foundations for physical and mental well-being. Are the children’s shots up-to-date? When was the last time they went to a dentist? Does the mother have the right prescription for her eyeglasses? Is the father taking the right medication?

Next, we connect kids with the services they need. We collaborate closely with Parents as Teachers, tiny-k, Head Start, as well as other education programs and all regional schools. And we arrange for transportation so that kids can remain in their original school during their stay at the shelter.

With the foundations firm and the kids in school and in the right programs, we then turn to employment and housing, with the Move-Out Program at the ready once the family has found the right apartment.

The goal is not just employment and housing but permanent employment and housing: we continue to work with families after they’ve moved out to ensure their ongoing stability and success.

Each family is unique. And we are uniquely equipped to help each family meet and overcome the challenges they face. There is no happier day than when a healthy and stable family moves out of the shelter and into their new, permanent home.

0 unique INDIVIDUALS served in 2016
0 CHILDREN sheltered in 2016
0 individuals found EMPLOYMENT in 2016
0 individuals HOUSED in 2016