Seeking Shelter?

The Lawrence Community Shelter offers a low-barrier shelter program that provides temporary emergency shelter, care coordination, and housing stabilization services for up to 50 individuals at any given time.

COVID-19 Policy

LCS is following CDC guidance for homeless shelters in relation to COVID-19. All staff and volunteers are required to be fully vaccinated to enter the shelter. Guests may be asked to complete routine screening and testing for COVID-19. Booster shots are recommended for all adults vaccinated at least 5 months ago, or for adults that received the Johnson&Johnson vaccine at least 2 months ago. Regardless of vaccination status, all individuals should wear surgical or N95 masks and maintain physical distance within the shelter whenever possible. These policies are intended to protect the health and safety of everyone within the shelter.


The Emergency Shelter is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Guests are served on a first come, first serve basis as beds are available. Prospective guests (or their advocates) may call 785-832-8864 to inquire if there is space available at the shelter. Adults are offered a 3-day respite or 90-day program. If someone is not seeking housing services, then staff will provide resources for alternate shelter options during their 3-day respite stay. Those who stay at the shelter for 90 days or less will have an assigned Inreach Manager and Housing Navigator to connect them to supportive services and transition into housing.

All guests are asked to abide by a code of conduct out of respect for others staying in the shelter. There are no requirements in regards to income or sobriety. However, the use of drugs or alcohol on LCS property is prohibited.


Due to limited space and current guidelines, families with children are not sheltered on the same congregate site as single adults with complex trauma. LCS works with community partners to provide housing assistance and connect families to resources that help them stay in their neighborhoods closer to school.

Other Area Resources

Information about other resources in the area is available at Resources – Housing and Shelter and Resources – Children and Family.


The Lawrence Community Shelter is located at 3655 E. 25th Street, just south of 23rd Street and west of K-10 highway. The Shelter is accessible by Lawrence City Bus (Route 1) from downtown Lawrence, Monday-Saturday, from 6:00 am to 7:30 pm.

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