Seeking Shelter?

The Lawrence Community Shelter offers a low-barrier adult shelter program that provides temporary emergency shelter for a maximum of 125 individuals each night.

Night by Night Program

CHECK IN TIME: Any time between 7:00-10:00 PM
REQUIREMENTS:  Check in at the back entrance on the South side of the building. All guests are expected to abide by a code of conduct and sign paperwork in order to receive shelter services.
AMENITIES: Access to bathrooms, showers, and laundry.
Hygiene supplies provided as available.
Overnight-only storage of belongings in a locked room.

LCS offers up to 100 adult beds in our night by night program. Guests can check in between 7-10 PM at the back (south side) of the building to receive a bed. All guests must check out by 7 AM. All guests must abide by program guidelines and sign paperwork to certify that they are currently homeless and eligible for services. All guests are asked to abide by a code of conduct out of respect for others staying in the shelter. There are no requirements in regards to income or sobriety. However, the use of drugs or alcohol on LCS property is prohibited.

Housing Program / Continuous Stay

There is no check in or check out time for individuals enrolled in the Housing Program at LCS, which provides an additional 25 beds. They will receive day services and case management to help connect them to permanent housing and care that meets their needs. The Housing Program prioritizes individuals utilizing assessment tools and a team review panel to identify those with exceptional needs. Partnering service providers can refer individuals that may be eligible for the Housing Program. Click here to make a referral.

Families with children under 18

LCS offers temporary emergency shelter for adults seeking shelter and works with community partners to connect families to alternative resources for shelter and housing assistance. As a large congregate shelter that often serves adults with complex trauma, children under 18 cannot be sheltered in our facility. In accordance with our mission, LCS advocates for solutions to homelessness that enable families with children to stay in central neighborhoods closer to their schools. Click here for children and family resources.


Individuals with wheelchairs or limited mobility may use the accessible entrance at the front door and will be assigned to an accessible bed reserved for people with limited mobility. If someone’s level of care exceeds our scope of services, LCS reserves the right to connect with other agencies to find appropriate placement.

Other Area Resources

Information about other resources in the area is available at Resources – Housing and Shelter and Resources – Children and Family.


The Lawrence Community Shelter is located at 3655 E. 25th Street, just south of 23rd Street and west of K-10 highway. The Shelter is accessible by Lawrence City Bus (Route 1) from downtown Lawrence, Monday-Saturday, from 6:00 am to 7:30 pm.

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